The five areas model

We are all affected by our environment (both current and past). We also have a biological or physical aspect, as well as feelings, behaviours and thoughts. And each area is connected to all the others.


Physical symptoms or changes noticed in the body, like tiredness, pain, loss of appetite, a disease-specific symptom, breathlessness, cough, diarrhoea.


or emotions or feelings and are described usually in one word, for example, sad, happy, glad, cross, worried.


Thinking in words, images or pictures, memories and beliefs (rules) about self, other people, the world outside the self and the future in our minds.


can also be called actions, so what you do more of, do less of, or stop doing.


(Or your present/past life situation which you live each day). This includes relationships, family, community, religious/ cultural background, workplace, hobbies, health care services and staff, housing.

Example: Hannah's five areas model


My pain “crucifies me” at night.

The tablets make me dizzy and constipated.

My tremors make cooking difficult.

I have sleep problems, waking up to five times each night.

My back is so stiff I sometimes can’t get out of bed in the morning.


I feel angry and frustrated.

I feel depressed and hopeless at times.

I feel so frightened especially about having falls.

I am embarrassed asking for help.


I don’t want to be a wimp; I used to be a strong person.

I would top myself if I went into a home like my mother after her stroke

I hate people doing things for me. I do things for others.

Others see me as moaning and getting violent.

I feel trapped; doctors never tell you what is the problem.


I spend 70% of the day in a chair or in bed.

I rarely cook for myself these days.

I am in tears a lot.

I am always grumpy, shouting especially with the family.

Stopped all my dancing and going out.


I have always worked, seven days a week, I don’t now.

I am stuck at home; I can’t get out alone, so it’s the same four walls everyday.

I used to go love dancing at times five times a week

My neighbours now check on me in case I have fallen or I am stuck on the toilet.

My family don’t understand what is happening to me.

I survived as a single parent, this Parkinson’s and the pain beat me.

I have lost my job and my work friends. I have far less money.

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