Next steps...

We hope you've found Ten Footsteps for carers helpful on your journey towards living well with a relative or friend who has pain.

Of course it doesn't end here. So we have put together a few ideas to help you continue on your journey...

My Live Well with Pain

My Live Well with Pain is a website for people living with pain who want to learn self management skills so they can live their life to the full. Developed by the same people who created 10 Footsteps, the site is full of tried and tested resources – many of them developed by people with pain. Watch videos, listen to podcasts, download and print leaflets and other resources, all free.

Overcoming Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be extremely debilitating; however, it does not need to dominate your life. This self-help book is based on highly effective self-help methods developed by specialists and used in community and hospital pain management programmes.

This easy-to-follow book sets out:

  • Why pain can persist when there’s no injury or disease present
  • How to become fitter and pace your activities
  • Practical ways to improve sleep and relaxation
  • Tips for returning to work, study and gaining a life you value

Overcoming Chronic Pain is recommended by the national Reading Well scheme for England delivered by The Reading Agency and the Society of Chief Librarians with funding from Arts Council England and Wellcome.

Flippin' Pain

Flippin' Pain is a is a public health campaign with a clear goal: to change the way we think about, talk about and treat persistent pain.

Their website is focused on raising awareness of the problem of persistent pain, spreading the word about a modern scientific understanding of pain, and giving people knowledge, skills and hope for a better way forward.

An Introduction to Living Well with Pain

Chronic or persistent pain can impact on your mood, your home and work life, your relationships, your sleep, your activities and all areas of your health. It can take your life over.

Yet change is possible. This self-help guide, by the author of 10 Footsteps, brings together tools that have worked with thousands of people with pain. It guides you through skills that help you stop struggling and cope well with pain, including:

  • Goal setting, making action plans and rewarding yourself
  • Pacing your day to day activities and building in relaxation practice
  • Developing healthy exercise and eating routines
  • Sleeping well again
  • Coping with setbacks