Well done – you've taken the first step!

Welcome to Ten Footsteps - and congratulations on taking the first step towards living well with a relative or friend who has pain.

Ten Footsteps for Carers has been created by two people who have experience of exactly this. After many years they have recognised that one of the keys to living well is self-management; the taking of responsibility for one’s own behaviour and well-being.

When people self-manage their quality of life improves.

This is where Ten Footsteps for Carers comes in. It is designed to help you learn the skills you need in order to become an effective 'self-manager'. It is full of tried and tested ideas.

We have called each section a ‘footstep’ to reflect the fact that you will be going on a journey as you first of all come to terms with your role as a carer and then gradually learn new skills and ways of thinking.

Feel free to explore each footstep in order, or simply dip into the ones that you find most helpful. Do not be afraid to go back to certain footsteps – learning new skills takes time.

Share what you learn with the people around you. They will be able to give you encouragement, so that your journey is a successful one and you can truly live well.

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Footstep 1

Being a carer


Footstep 2



Footstep 3

Maintaining relationsips


Footstep 4

Setting goals


Footstep 5

Managing your commitments


Footstep 6

Managing thoughts and moods


Footstep 7

Moments for relaxation and mindfulness


Footstep 8

Health for Carers


Footstep 9

Good habits for sleep


Footstep 10

Moving forward when caring ends


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